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このサイズなら、かばんやポケットにすっぽり。 毎日使うものだから、何枚あっても大活躍しそうです。「たこ焼きタオルはんかち」片手に大阪散策も良いかもしれませんね。


 Hello everyone! The temperature of the dawn went down, and it became a little chilly with a short sleeve. However, even during the day it is still warm and sweating. Please take care of your health condition.Well, it is early October. Is not it that there are a lot of people going out on holidays as it is an excursion season?In Our Shop, we also offer items recommended for this season!

This time to introduce is "Takoyaki Towel ". It is a commodity that combines gauze and towels. It is popular with children and women, Takoyaki design which seems to be pretty, it is also perfect for gifts with practicality!

For this size, it fits perfectly in bags and pockets. Because it is used every day, it seems to be a big success even if there are many sheets. In addition to the "Takoyaki Towel " introduced this time in our shop. we handle a variety of "towels" . Please visit us when you visit us!

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