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Alcohol is encased in a crunchy sugar shell in these chocolate-coated whiskey bonbons. The sweetness of the chocolate and the aroma of the whiskey are brought into an exquisite balance through the techniques of craftsmen who have carried on the job, generation after generation, since the company was founded. Enjoy a nostalgic, old-time, adult flavor.

Established in 1718, Amanosake is a sake brewery located in Kawachinagano, Osaka. The Amanosake style of sake that is brewed here used to be brewed at Amanosan Kongoji Temple during the Middle Ages and is a revival of that brand.

The brewery is highly regarded for its outstanding production of junmai (sake made without added alcohol or sugar) and is much loved as a local sake that is stands for Osaka

Habikino, Osaka is a major wine production area. Kawachi Wine, one of the wineries found in the area, produces plum wine in addition to grape wine. Ebisu Fukuume, which is blended through an exquisite balance of brandy-based plum wine that has been matured for over 20 years, features a deep, mellow flavor.

◆ボンボン菓子「大阪ボンボン」 商品名:大阪ボンボン      ※全3種(ウイスキーボンボン、日本酒ボンボン、梅酒ボンボン) 内容量:9個 価格:各702円(税込)

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