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「New Product Info”OSAKA THE (地) SAUCE ”本日発売!」

なにわ名物いちびり庵オリジナル商品「OSKA THE(地) SAUCE」が本日発売します!


A new product to be released !


Daikokuya, the source manufacturer of Taisho Foundation.

It’s a set of 3 tastes boasting of Daikoku sauce!


1st "Mild Mild" A mild sauce that refrains from salt and spices. Recommended for Osaka specialty KUSHIKATSU!Since pungent taste is not strong, you can call on children with confidence.


2nd "Lumpy Fruit" Use plenty of vegetables and fruits based on apple. Fruity taste, refreshing acidityNot only powder but also fried ◎

3本目「激辛スパイス」辛さの中にも奥深いコク。隠し味としても重宝する”辛くて旨い”ソースです。Third piece "Spicy spice" It is also rich in spicyness. It is useful as a hidden taste "It is hot and delicious" sauce.

数多くある、大阪の地ソース。どれを選んだらいいのか・・悩まれているお客様、これぞ!大阪地ソース「OSAKA THE SAUCE」を是非お召しあがりくださいね。お持ち帰りしやすく、普段の料理にも使いやすいサイズです!今夜の晩御飯は大阪グルメで決まり!


単品  378円(税込)

セット 972円(税込)

There are many customers, customers who are suffering from choosing Osaka's ground source, this one! Osaka area source "OSAKA THE SAUCE"

Please eat it. Easy to take out, easy to use size!

Start selling on 28th July at ICHIBIRIAN .

Individual item 378 yen (tax included)

Set 972 yen (tax included)

Thank you!

#大阪 #旅行 #おみやげ #ソース

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